All competitors must be full or associate members of BWG (details of BWG membership are on the County website and in Club BWG Folders) and have a WHS Handicap Index + to 36.0

In the event of a Competitor not being a member of a BWG affiliated club, the match will revert to the opponent’s course. All matches must be played on Berkshire golf courses.

Matches to be played off FULL difference of the course playing handicap. Matches to start from one of the clubs official starting points and be played to a conclusion. If continuing past the 18th hole, strokes, if any, to be taken at the same holes where they would have come if a full round were being played.

Both players must be prepared to play the course of the day.

 Players may decide at any time to suspend their match and complete on a new date (if that falls within the due date.) If the match is being played on the last date and the course is closed by the club management then the result is taken from when play is abandoned. If at that point the match is all square, then the result will be decided on the toss of a coin.

 Caddies will be allowed in all rounds but players should advise their opponent if having a caddie in good time.

Players may have to pay green fees on some courses, this fee to be shared equally between the home and away players.

Players will be notified of their opponent. The first named player in each match will be the challenger and must offer at least three dates including a weekend and weekday date. It is the responsibility of both players to contact their opponents.

Each match in Rounds 1 and 2 will be played on the course of the first named of the two players concerned, unless there are just 16 players in which case there will be a draw for Round 2.

If there are more than 16 players there will be a re-draw for the 3rd and subsequent rounds (Quarter and Semi Finals). If there are 16 players there will be a re-draw for Quarter and Semi Finals.

 Extensions cannot be allowed, unless the course is closed on the last day of play, when theOrganiser should be contacted.

1st Round                     to be played by 17 October 2023
2nd Round                    to be played by 31 December 2023
3rd ROUND and Subsequent Rounds re-drawn for Home advantage
3rd Round                    to be played by 11 February 2024                     
Semi-final                     to be played by 24 March 2024
Final                             to be played by 30 April 2024

on a neutral course arranged by the organiser.

Prizes: Trophy and voucher for winner Voucher for Runner Up

Results to: Ann Pennell


2023/24Grace Reid (Castle Royle)
2022/23Jackie Taylor (Royal Ascot)
2021/22Muriel Quinsac (Castle Royle)
2019/20Sonya Singh (Castle Royle)
2018/19Angie Burns (Mill Ride)
2017/18Fay Unsworth (Donnington Grove)
2016/17Gillian Godson (Reading)
2015/16Gillian Godson (Reading)
2014/15Gillian Godson (Reading)
2013/14Margaret Berriman (Goring & Streatley)
2012/13Not held
2011/12Nikki Ochtman (Castle Royle)
2010/11Margaret Berriman (Goring & Streatley)
2009/10Jules Tarr (Castle Royle)
2008/09Lynn Griffiths (Reading)
2001/08Cheryl Scott (Bearwood)

2023 – 2024 Winner – Grace Reid

Winner 2023 24 - Grace Reid

2023/24 Winter Matchplay Knockout

After the wettest winter on record the Final of the Winter Knockout was held on 13th April 24 on a beautiful Spring day.   Many thanks to Royal Ascot Golf Club for their kind hospitality and help with running the event.  We were made incredibly welcome.

It was a very tight match with Grace Reid from Castle Royle pipping Celia Gibson from Maidenhead with a 2 hole win.  We thought we would be handing back down the 1st and further.

The match was played in perfect spirit and a joy to watch.  Many thanks also to Elspeth Cooper for giving her time to referee for us.


Runner Up - Celia Gibson

Runner – up Celia Gibson

the finalists 2023

The Finalists

2022 – 2023 Winner – Jackie Taylor

Winter Knockout Winner Jackie Taylor

2022/23 Winter Matchplay Knockout

The final of the Winter Matchplay Knockout took place on 6th April 2023 at Castle Royle Golf Club.  The course was in beautiful condition bearing in mind 4 days ago it was closed because of the storms we had just had, may thanks to Castle Royle for hosting the final for us.

Jackie Taylor from Royal Ascot GC won beating Nuala Priest from Hennerton GC.  The match was played in good spirit and was enjoyable to referee.

Runners up in the semi finals were Hannah Ellis from Donnington Grove and Janet Smith from Eton College (for the second year running).

We had 26 entries this year – thanks to everyone for entering.

Also thanks go to Airlie Dyson our President for attending and presenting the prizes.

Runner - up Nuala Priest

Runner – up Nuala Priest

the finalists 2023

The Finalists

2020 – 2021 Winner – Muriel Quinsac

Muriel & Airlie 2022

2021/22 Winter Matchplay Knockout

The final of the Winter Matchplay Knockout took place at Temple Golf Club on 25th April 2022.  A special thanks to Temple for hosting this match as we needed a neutral course for the final.

Muriel Quinsac from Castle Royle won on the 18th hole beating Michelle James from Sonning.  It was an incredibly close match with fantastic golf played and inspiring to those of us that followed the match around the course.

Runners up in the semi finals were Mandy Creed from Easthampstead Ladies and Janet Smith from Eton College.

We had the best ever number of entrants this year with 38 ladies taking part which is fantastic – thanks to everyone for entering.

Also thanks go to Airlie Dyson our President for attending and presenting the prizes and Fran Campbell for refereeing the match.

Michelle & Airlie 2022

Runner Up – Michelle James

Michelle & Airlie 2022

The Finalists

2019 – 2020 Winner – Sonya Singh

Sonya Sing Castle Royle

The Final of the BCLGA Winter Matchplay knockout 2019/20 was eventually played on the most beautiful Autumn Day at Mill Ride Golf Club (six months later than plan due to Covid19).

With no caddies and a socially distanced game of golf we achieved our goal.  Our 2019/20 Winner was Sonya Singh from Castle Royle with Irene Gregory from Royal Ascot Runner Up.

The losing semi finalists were Moira Dixon from Castle Royle and Ishbel Thomson from Easthampstead Ladies.

I would like to thank all ladies for their patience in the delays and for observing all the social distancing rules etc required to make this happen.  A special thank you to Elspeth Cooper for giving up her day to referee for us and to Mill Ride for so generously hosting the match.

The 2020/21 Competition has kicked off with at least one game already having been played.

2018 – 2019 Winner – Angie Burns

The winner of the 2018/19 Winter Knockout was Angie Burns from Mill Ride (left) and the runner up was Julie Metelko from Castle Royle (right).

The match was played in glorious spring weather at Donnington Grove on 17th April 2019 followed by an enjoyable tea with our County Captain Laura Webb and Elspeth Cooper who kindly offered to referee the match.

Congratulations to both ladies for making it through to the final.

Prizes presented by Laura Webb (County Captain).

2017 – 2018 Winner – Faye Unsworth

The final which was hosted by Reading GC on Friday 20th April, was played in temperatures up to 26°C. Fay Unsworth took an early lead on the first with some holes being halved. However, although Angie put up a brave performance, Fay went ahead and won the match 6/5.

Congratulations to all ladies who took part in this and battled the elements throughout a long and exceptionally wet winter. Thank you to Reading GC for hosting the final.

Prizes presented by Ann Williams (County Captain)

2016 – 2017 Winner – Gillian Godson

On a glorious sunny and hot April day, the Winter KO final was played at Sonning Golf Club between Gillian Godson from Reading and Pauline Cox from Castle Royle. A very close match which eventually saw Gillian come through as the winner for the third year running. Well done both players for getting through to the final but special congratulations to Gillian for a great performance for the third time!

2015 – 2016 Winner – Gillian Godson

The final of 2015-16 Winter Match Play was played on 5th April at Goring & Streatley in glorious sunshine. Congratulations to both Gillian Godson (Reading) and Ishbel Thomson (Easthampstead Ladies) for reaching the Final which was a closely contested match. Gillian won by sinking a long putt on the 16th and we congratulate her on retaining the Trophy.

Gillian receives the Bennett Trophy from County Captain Cathy Jones