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Hennerton Golf Club

Thursday 28th April 2022

Thursday was a rain free but chilly day, but with the largest field of lady competitors for these Divisions for many years (67!!!!! Representing 13 of our wonderful Berkshire golf clubs – Whoop! Whoop!), this could turn into a very interesting day! And it did! But the welcome extended by Hennerton was exemplary! Glenn Johnson and Michael Critcher ensured everything we needed for the day was organised without issue. Paul Deaney, Clubhouse Manager and Michael the Cook produced a festive fayre for lunch which was just awesome. As for Carlie’s attention to detail when we used the bar – it was faultless! Both the existing Ladies Captain Anne Hooper and the in-coming Ladies Captain Liz Deaney were attentive to our every needs. But now the results and the competitors going forward to the Ann Bryant competition:



2nd Division Results – STABLEFORD

2nd Div 1st Marion Armson

Winner: Marion Armson from Hennerton with 44 points on count back

2nd Div 2nd Susan Flood

Second Place: Susan Flood from Reading with 44 points on count back

2nd Dv 3rd Barbara Langdale

Third Place: Barbara Langdale, Hennerton with 43 points

2nd Div 4th Susan Reid

Fourth Place: Susan Reid, Hennerton with 42 points

2nd Div Front 9 Louise Brook

Front 9: Louise Brook, Maidenhead

Back 9: Pauline Valsler, Sonning – to be posted!

3rd Division Results – STABLEFORD

3rd Div Anita Brack winner

Winner: Anita Brack from Winter Hill with 41 points

3rd div 2nd Sue Gemmil

Second Place: Sue Gemmill from Mill Ride with 40 points

3rd Div 3rd Kathryn Price

Third Place: Kathryn Price from Easthampstead Ladies with 39 points

3rd Div 4th Judy Jones

Fourth Place: On count back from Lyn Newdick, Sally Puxley and Lucille Richards was Judy Jones from Castle Royal with 38 points

3rd Div Front 9- Lucille Richards

Front 9: Lucille Richards, Hennerton

3rd Div Back 9- Elaine Elliman

Back 9: Elaine Elliman, Hennerton

From the results of today’s Division 2, the following are eligible for the Ann Bryant: 

1 Marion Armson, Hennerton

 2 Susan Flood, Reading

 3 Barbara Langdale,, Hennerton

 4 Susan Reid, Hennerton

 5 Louise Brook, Maidenhead

 6 Catherine Wilson, Reading

 7 Carol Taylor, Goring and Streatley

 8 Linda Hodkinson, Hennerton

 9 Anne Hooper, Hennerton

 10 Debbie Brown, Castle Royle

 11 Linda Harris, Reading

 12 Amanda Shevills, Maidenhead

 13 Kjersti Cannon, Reading

 14 Elizabeth Watt, Castle Royle

 15 Debbie Goodsell, Donnington Grove

 16 Elizabeth Oliver-Keen, East Berkshire



 The Millennium – East Berkshire – 6th August

Team of three, from three different clubs

 Team Competition – Mill Ride – 10th September

Team of three from three different Divisions

 Autumn Meeting Divisions 2 and 3 – Winter Hill – 28th September

Four Ball Better Ball


Many congratulations to all the winners!