East Berkshire Golf Club

Saturday 6th August 2022 

It was a gloriously warm and sunny Saturday afternoon at East Berkshire Golf Club. Ladies from 17 different clubs from around the County gathered to play in this highly competitive team competition. The welcome extended by East Berkshire Golf Club was outstanding. David Cromie and Ed Hayward ensured everything this competition required before the day was organised effectively and efficiently. Andi Cocoli and his team (Callum, Sam, Vicky, Niaomi, Ella, to name just a few) provided an exceptional level of service all afternoon. As for Tom and Mani’s afternoon tea’s – they were absolutely awesome! Barry Slater the Club Marshall, who, although injured, started the whole field from the 1st tee with a big smile. Finally, the Ladies Captain Amanda Bancroft assisted in welcoming our ladies and made the decision about our “surprise prize” (see below)! But now for the results:

1st Place

Gabi Heuchel, East Berkshire, Sue Beecroft, Newbury & Crookham, Elspeth Cooper, Sonning with 80 points

Winners Millennium 2022

2nd Place

Anne Fairweather, Temple, Joyce Collins, Reading, Louise Brook, Maidenhead with 77 points

2nd Place Millennium 2022

3rd Place 

Christine Ross, East Berkshire, Jane Sly, Katherine Irving, Castle Royle with 75 points (on count back from Ann Pennell, Mill Ride, Grace Reid, Castle Royle and Karen Hampton, Sonning)

3rd Place Millennium 2022

The Surprise Prize!

Deirdre and I decided to have an extra prize . . . . . . .For the NEATEST CARD! And we asked Amanda Bancroft, East Berkshire’s Ladies Captain to select the winning card!

The winners were Lucinda Dashwood, The Berkshire, Linda Hunt, Newbury & Cookham and Sheree Dove Wilde, Mill Ride

Best Card 2022


 Team Competition – Mill Ride – 10th September (FULL – reserve list online)

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Autumn Meeting Division 1 – Royal Ascot – 21st September

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Autumn Meeting Divisions 2 and 3 – Winter Hill – 28th September

Four Ball Better Ball – enter here


Maria Thorpe
Competition Secretary