Privacy Statement

On 25th May 2018 new legislation on Data Protection came into force, (the General Data Protection Regulations – hereafter referred to as GDPR). The aim of the new legislation is to strengthen the control that individuals have over the personal data that organisations collect, process and retain about them.

The BCLGA is keen to strike a fair balance between your personal privacy and ensuring that we can still carry out our constitutional duties and obligations in an efficient, safe and secure manner.

Affiliation fees are collected from clubs by the BB&O Union on our behalf and passed directly to us, club by club, as a sum of money and the total number of playing ladies at each club. We do not receive any personal data from this source. All personal data about individual BCLGA members comes to us directly from yourselves.


The BCLGA uses Microsoft software tools to manage and run the Association business which are subsequently held on computer hard drives by various members of the Executive Committee or authorised and named individual BCLGA volunteers.

The Junior database is held on an external hard drive which is administered by the Database Co-ordinator and can only be accessed by named and authorised BCLGA officials. The database is password protected and only the appropriate personnel are given the details to access this. This database is updated annually and any old data removed.


BCLGA operates an online banking system; this only holds personal details of volunteers or others who have elected to have expenses transferred on-line. On-line payments from BCLGA members for competitions or events do not show bank details.


We respect each site visitor’s right to personal privacy. To that end, we collect and use the information throughout our website only as disclosed in this privacy policy.

The BCLGA website does not hold any personal data of members but only e-mail addresses of the Executive Committees, including the Vets Association and Berkshire Captains.

The website will contain links to other websites, such as England Golf. BCLGA confirms this privacy notice only applies to BCLGA and anyone linking into another website is advised to read their specific privacy notice.


The BCLGA website does not use cookies other than to collect information about how visitors use the site so that we can make the site more useful. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited. If you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by any website, you should do this through the browser settings for each browser you use, on each device you use to access the Internet.


To the best of our knowledge, none of the personal data held by BCLGA will be stored or processed outside the EU.

BCLGA Privacy Statement May 2018 Disclosure to third parties:

When entering a knock out tournament, the contact details for all competitors will be circulated with the draw; however, in future ICE (In Case of Emergency) information for knockout tournaments will not be handled by BCLGA and it will be the responsibility of the players themselves to exchange information prior to playing.

At any junior event, copies of the ICE information, allergies or specific medical information disclosed on profile forms, will be held by the training or junior event organiser in charge on the day. Should there be an emergency, this information may be disclosed to an appropriate third party (the venue manager, the emergency services etc) should the nature of the emergency make this appropriate in the judgement of the BCLGA organiser.

For team events and matches, we will disclose the names of the selected team members and their clubs in the email circulation list, but not their individual email addresses.

From time to time, we may be asked by England Golf for information about our activities or players. We will not disclose any personal information that can be identified to you as an individual without your express consent, although we may share statistical information that does not identify you as an individual.

Apart from the situations identified above, your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties. We do not, and will not, circulate information on behalf of individuals or clubs, or provide contact details, to individuals other than for our constitutional purposes.

The BCLGA will continue to have a Club news section on the new website and clubs may choose to have information published there, (such as details of an Open competition).

Communications with Clubs and individuals:

All information that BCLGA wishes to disseminate to individual BCLGA members is currently done through promotion on the BCLGA website, and/or through the system of County Club Delegates.

A club official contact list of current club Ladies’ Captains, Ladies’ Vice-Captains, Club Delegates, Club Junior Organisers, Club Ladies’ Handicap Secretaries is maintained. This is updated annually by the BCLGA Honorary Secretary and is made available to any member of the BCLGA Executive Committee. This enables BCLGA to carry out its constitutional duties.

In future, the BCLGA Captains, 1st 2nd and Seniors, will maintain a database of individual players so that they can alert you to forthcoming events and other BCLGA developments. Your express consent will be sought to add you to this communications database and you may request that you are removed from the communications database at any time. The communications database will be used for the following purposes:

  • the distribution of information about BCLGA events and meetings.
  • communications from England Golf.
  • the promotion of benefits and services, e.g. handicap or rules seminars.
  • requests to participate in surveys.
  • research, analysis and audit purposes.
  • and for any other use deemed reasonably to sit within this Data Protection statement.

Archiving of Information:

Information required for single event use, such as ICE information, will be shredded after the event. The junior database will be reviewed annually in advance of the playing season. All information for individuals that have reached the age of 18 in the previous year will be removed. All profile information for current juniors will be updated every two years, and out of date information will be removed from the system. 


From time to time, photographs are taken at events and used in BCLGA publications, both online and in printed format. Such images are retained for historical purposes and for future promotional activity by BCLGA. If you would prefer for your image not to be taken or used, please inform the Honorary Secretary in writing. Specific photography and video permission forms will be used at every junior event.

Your rights:

The Data Protection Act also gives you the following rights: 

  • to be told whether information is held about you, and if so, what that is
  • to object to the use of your data and for it to be deleted

If you wish to exercise your rights as above or wish to raise any other query about this privacy policy, please write to the Honorary Secretary at

secretary at bclga dot co dot uk

Please note that we may take up to 7 days to reply, depending on the matter raised.

This Privacy notice is issued on 20th May, 2018 and will be reviewed in May 2019, and thereafter on a two-yearly basis.

Your personal data and permission will be sought annually, or as and when contact is made.

Lawful Processing:

BCLGA will only process your data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner, to ensure good and continued communication about its events, meetings, developments, updates and information from third parties, ie. England Golf, BB&O etc. etc.

Identity and contact details:

Our designated statutory authority under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) as we are based in United Kingdom.

The individual in charge of Data Protection within the BCLGA is the Honorary Secretary and can be contacted on: secretary at bclga dot co dot uk.