Berkshire County Ladies Golf Association (BCLGA) held their AGM on 9th January 2024.

A resolution was proposed to change the name of the association from BCLGA to Berkshire Women’s Golf – BWG.  A vote was taken and the resolution was approved.   Berkshire Women’s Golf,  BWG  will be integrated into the new logo. Work will start to update the website and other assets of the County.

Two trophies were presented at the AGM.

Vicky Prietzel (Goring and Streatley) was the winner of the Battiscombe Birdies

Vicky Prietzel winner of Battiscomb Birdies

Lauren Paris-Jones (Sand Martins) won the Handicap Reduction Cup

Lauren Paris-Jones winner of the Handicap Reduction

In addition, the new County Captain annouced a new traing initiative for all County members.

Everyone welcome at our pre-season social evening for golfers of all levels with Mindset coach Karl Morris at Castle Royle on Friday 1st March 2024.

Whether it’s building confidence to enter your first competition, play in front of others or to take your golf to the next level this will be a fun and interactive event.

Details and sign up under forthcoming events can be founf here

Karl Morris March 2024