Match report BLCGS v Wiltshire 13 September 2022

Our last match of the summer, played at Sand Martins Golf Club, was against the Lady Captains of Wiltshire. We were unlucky with the weather and for the first time in our matches this summer most ladies had to wear jumpers and waterproofs at some point during the afternoon. It was not torrential rain so the course was still playable. It was nice to see so much of the new kit on parade that afternoon.

The course at Sand Martins is continuing to green up and I received many compliments on the condition of the course which have been passed on to the club. As it was our last match it was good to have our best result of the season which was a 7 – 1 win.

The team: Mary Lush, Carole Smith, Gill O’Donnell, Lucie Robson, Annette Dickens, Judy Wilton, Jacqui Quilter, Sally Puxley, Babs Collyer, Ruth Perkins, Jo Giles, Gill Biddle, Marilyn Pembroke, Mary Harwood, Glyn Carroway, Pauline Sleet

BLCGS v Wiltshire