Held at Sand Martins Golf Club

on Wednesday 10th May 2023

Many thanks go to Sand Martins Golf Club for hosting the Inter Club Shield competition, one of the biggest County competitions with 20 Berkshire Clubs taking part.

The extreme weather the night before and the forecast for the day left a question mark over whether it would take place, but the weather did not deter Sand Martins from keeping the course open for all.  Thankfully, the day was a mixture of sunshine and short showers, much to the relief of all ladies playing.  Thanks go to the green keepers, Stuart Job and his team, for the early morning preparation.

Thanks also go to Golf Operations Manager, Chris McKenzie and the bar staff, Margaret, Amy, Tamsin, Nicki who looked after us all throughout the day and to Sand Martins Ladies’ Captain, Imelda Dalton, who started all the teams.

The Inter Club Shield is an individual Stapleford competition, played in teams of three from each club with the top two scores for the team to count for the prize. If there is a tie, the third card is counted.

The overall scores showed how hard the course was to play, but as always there were some who excelled.

The County Captain, Charlie Keenan, was on hand to present the prizes and congratulate the winners.

The Winners of the 2023 Inter Club Shield were Sand Martins – Sue Hunt, Janice Wallace and Jo Giles – with a score of 58 points (87 points with the third card):

Winners 2023 ICS prizing giving
Winners 2023 ICS Sand Martins

Runners up were Royal Ascot – Sue Warren, Paula Morris and Charlotte Munk – with a score of 58 points (84 with the third card):

runners up ICS 2023

Third place went to Castle Royle – Sue Gutierrez, Bridget Armstrong and Grace Reid (shown here) – with a score of 57 points:

Third place ICS 2023

First place for the individual Stapleford prize was won by Liz Deaney from Hennerton with an amazing 37 points:

Liz Deaney individual winner ICS 2023

For the second year running, second place went to Fran Campbell with 31 points:

Fran Campbell - runner up ICS 2023

Very well done to all the participants, and we hope to see you at the other county events being held this year.

Caroline Dover
Event Organiser



2023 ICS Results

2023 ICS Results Individual