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Summary of different competitions that are played for throughout each year. Includes individual and team competitions. Lists of past winners for each are also shown. Click on the tab to read more.

1923 Championship Challenge Cup

The first Spring Meeting was held at Sonning on 26 and 27 April 1923. It was proposed that members subscribe 1/- each towards a Challenge Cup to be played for by 1st division handicaps 20 and under in a Medal round in the morning of the 26th the eight lowest scratch scores qualifying for the match-play Championship, the first round being played in the afternoon of the 26th. Other competitions were organised for those not involved in the championship, with prizes offered by various Committee members. At the second Committee meeting in April, Mrs du Gros (Maidenhead) offered £15 for the purchase of The Championship Challenge Cup Of Berkshire for the Champion.

Previous Winners

1923 Tournament Cup

Members subscriptions already received were enough to buy a cup for a new match-play tournament to be played in the autumn, the final over 36 holes. The Tournament Cup cost £6-1s-6d and the competition varied over the years, depending on the size of entry (only 36 for some years), but it remained a match-play event until 1960, when it became a 36-hole stroke-play competition with the Cup awarded for the lowest net score.

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1925 Inter-Club Challenge Shield

The Inter-Club Challenge Shield was proposed in 1925 by Mrs Edie Poulton who felt that something should be done for those not good enough for the County team. Teams of five played one match against each Club between March and June, with no matches halved. In 1933 the format changed to teams of four playing 18 holes medal play on one day, on a course chosen in rotation over the years. In 1970 there were teams of four, with the three best scores to count, and in 1991, teams of three with the best two scores counting. It also became a Stableford event. In 1963 the original Shield was destroyed in the Reading Golf Club fire. A Cup for the individual best score was given by Win Henney.

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1932 Scratch Gold Medal

In 1932 Mrs Cave presented the Scratch Gold Medal for the leading score at the Spring Meeting.

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1935 Presidents Salvers

A foursomes medal competition had been played since 1927 and this was formalised in 1935 when Mrs Cave presented the Presidents Salvers for 36-hole medal foursomes to commemorate George Vs Silver Jubilee. The first competition for the Presidents Salvers was played at East Berks. In 1985 this became a four-ball betterball Stableford event.

Previous Winners

1952 Coronation Medals

The Coronation Medals were sent to Berkshire by ELGA. The silver LGU County Medal commemorates the coronation of Edward VII. It was awarded in 1901 to Mrs Speed. The Bronze Medal commemorates the coronation of George V and was won by Lady Speed in 1911. It is marked Berkshire. In 1912 it was won by Miss F J Collins. Further winners of either Medal are not recorded but enquiries for information have been made to the LGU.

Previous Winners

1952 Poulton Trophy

Presesented by Edie Poulton, President, for the lowest aggregate nett score at the Bronze Spring and Autumn Meetings. In 1954 was given for Bronze Division only.

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1954 Joyce Cave Cup

Given in memory by Joyce Cave’s sister. Awarded for the Silver player with the lowest aggregate gross score at the Spring and Autumn Meetings.

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1957 Ann Bryant Cup

Was presented by Ann Bryant (champion and captain) for the Bronze Division championship.

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1960 Helen Brown Sauce Boat

For the Silver Division lowest aggregate nett score at the Spring and Autumn Meetings; given by Helen Brown, second team captain.

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1963 Duncan Trophy

Presented for a match-play inter-club tournament for teams of five, handicaps 10-30, by Ann Duncan, President, Captain, ELGA Chairman, LGU Councillor.

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1964 Junior Girls Championship

The Championship for girls under 19 years of age was run for the first time and the trophy was donated by Mrs Gittins.

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1967 Tegner Trophy

Presented for the best scratch score over the 36 hole qualifying for the County Championship.

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1969 Battiscombe Birdies

For the maximum number of birdies in the Silver division for the Spring and Autumn meetings combined, presented by Karin Battiscombe, President, Captain and on ELGA Executive Committee.

Previous Winners

1975 Edna Simmons Cup

For Autumn Meeting Silver Division Scratch, presented by anonymous donor.

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1978 Handicap Reduction Cup

Given by Jennie Robertson, Captain, for player reducing handicap by biggest margin in year.

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1982 Elizabeth Jacobs Trophy (Clock) - Retired 2023

For most improved gross score between morning and afternoon rounds of Tegner Trophy, given by Elizabeth Jacobs, Captain.

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1996 Aspect Trophy

Given by Aspect Park Golf Club for Bronze scratch score at Autumn Meeting.

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2000 Millennium Trophies

To celebrate the new millennium a new team competition was introduced and played at Wokefield Park. The teams comprising 3 players, each from different Berkshire Clubs, competed in a Dubai stableford format (1 score counts on first 6 holes, 2 scores count on next 6 holes, 3 scores count on last 6 holes). The competition proved to be such a success that it continued as a regular event in subsequent years each year being played at Wokefield Park. Initially the prize for this competition was given as vouchers until Sally Judge (President in 2006) volunteered to give trophies for each player in the winning team. These were first be played for in 2007. The competitoin venue now varies from year to year.

Previous Winners

2001 Angela Uzielli Memorial Trophy

Clubs are invited to hold a qualifying competition. The winners of the bronze & silver divisions then team up to play in a foursomes stableford tournament for the Uzielli Trophy donated by David & Hannah Hubbard. The first event was held on 25th October 2001. Each player pays 15 and 10 goes towards the Angela Uzielli Bursary Fund that supports promising girls who wish to continue their golf whilst in full-time study at university or college. Until 2005 this competition was played at Angelas home club, The Berkshire. Since then it circulates around the clubs in the county. (See General History International players for more details of Angela Uzielli).

Previous Winners

2001 Fitzgerald Cup

Mrs Sheila Fitzgerald donated a cup to be awarded to the junior girl who reduced her handicap the most during the year.

2003 Seniors Champion

Mrs Gill Bowness (Seniors Captain) presented a trophy for the Champion, the scratch winner of an 18 hole strokeplay championship for ladies over the age of 50.

Previous Winners

2005 Bennett Trophy

Donated by Pat Bennett for the winner of the Winter Matchplay Knockout which started in 2002.

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2006 Katy Plater Trophy

In Autumn 2005 a new 3rd division was set up to cater for players in the handicap range 30 36. The parents of Katy Plater MBE donated a trophy in memory of Katy. Katy was a member at Sandmartins and played in county events until she died in 2003. Katy played golf despite suffering all her life with cystic fibrosis. She raised thousands of pounds for charity. The trophy is awarded for the Division 3 best net aggregate of the Spring and Autumn Meetings.

Previous Winners

2006 Alison Baldwick Trophy

To be given to the junior girl winner of the Division 2 competition which is run alongside the Championship.

2014 Team Competition

2023 Most Improved Player (Tegner)

The Most Improved Player trophy replaced the Elizabeth Jacobs Clock. This is awarded to the most strokes gained between am and pm 18 holes.

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