Players from the 1st/2nd and a few senior team travelled travelled to Muswell Hill Golf Club to play Middlesex in the annual friendly.  It is quite a journey to get there as it is based in North London,  so am grateful to to all the team for making the trip.  The good news was the sun shone and we had some heat on our backs for a change.

The format for this match is to play foursomes for first nine holes followed by singles on the back nine. We stay in the fourball for the singles.

A special thank you to Fran Campbell  who stepped in at last minute to cover work commitments and childchare problems.  It meant I had to play, which I hadn’t planned to, but was good to get out and play.

To the match then, I was a bit worried at the half-way point we had lost the foursomes 4-1 . Should I have worried?  Where we needing a Medinah moment from the team? Needn’t of worried, the team came out battling and won the singles 7-3, giving us a overall win 9-8.

Our team was Bella Kent, Vicky Prietzel, Jules Tarr, Gabi Heuchel, Sheree Dove-Wilde, Holly Lund, Jane Sly, Gillian Godson, Fran Campbell and myself.

Next match is against the Men at Mill Ride  on Monday, 8th May.

Charlie Keenan
County Captain

Match vs Middlx 2023 Team

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