The Berkshire from above

Over 2 days of matchplay, the 16 qualifiers from the Tegner Trophy battled it out to become 2023 County Champion in out Centeanry year.

The draw had a mixture of the “up and coming” talent and those who have had a few years playing golf.  There were some novices who hadn’t played in the knockout stages before and one or two who have been playing in the finals for some years.

It started early on Saturday morning with the Tegner Champion Vicky Prietzel teeing off at 8am. It was a much nicer day for the players than they had played on Friday. It was still a cool morning, so all where wrapped up. They played the Blue course which has a long par 3 as its starting hole, with heather in front and to the side, can be a bit daunting for the first shot of the day.

Here were the pairings:

Match 1 - Vicky and Sarah Jane

Match 1
Vicky Prietzel vs Sarah-Jane Dalgleish

Match 2 - Emily and Maddy

Match 2
Emily Savage vs Maddy Beeching

Match 3 - Laura and Amy

Match 3
Laura Webb vs Amy Nemeth-Yuile

Match 4 - Chloe and Tracy

Match 4
Chloe Walkington vs Tracy Crew

Match 5 - Emma and Jane

Match 5
Emma Newlove vs Jane Sly

Match 6 - Holly and Linda

Match 6
Holly Lund vs Linda Hunt

Match 7 - Lottie and Katherine

Match 7
Lottie Cadle vs Kathering Irving

Match 8 - Anne and Bella

Match 8
Anne Smith vs Bella Kent

There were a mixed bag of results with some finishing quickly, a few were close matches and one match having to go down the 19th to find a winner.

Those who made the afternoon matches where Vicky Prietzel, Emily Savage, Laura Webb, Chloe Walkington, Emma Newlove, Linda Hunt, Lottie Cadle, and Bella Kent.

Afternoon Matches

Those who successfully made it through were then into the quarter finals and another round on the Blue Course. Again there were some quick wins, but there was a match fantastic match that went down to the last hole between Chloe and Laura. However, experience prevailed and Laura managed to win on the 18th. Then there was the tale of the caddy and his missing trolley.

A cautionary tale for one caddy. It happens to the best.

It concerns the trolley that went missing while the players were putting out on the 6th green. It occured in the match between Emily Savage and Vicky Prietzel. After the players finished putting out, Emily’s caddy (her Dad) turned around to put the putter back in the bag, only to find it wasnt there.He  careful back tracked in his mind  where they had been, he soon concluded it should have been there.

It then resulted in a search by the players and caddies. How long can you look, 3 minutes? !! Luckily, Vicky’s dad  saw something blue poking up from the ground on the far side of the 7th tee. As they went to look,  they found a ditch no-one knew was there, and there was the trolley, wheels turning very slowly.

The caddy had to return after the match to retrieve lost items from the bag! He may have saved the day and his job for next year!!


Caddy has been sacked!

Sunday 23rd – Semi Finals

The semi finals again started early at 8am. The first semi-final was between Vicky Prietzel and Laura Webb, the second was between Emma Newlove and Bell Kent.

Semi finalists - Laura and Vicky

First semi final
Laura Webb vs Vicky Pritezel

Semi Final 2 - Bella and Emma

Semi final
Bella Kent vs Emma Newlove

I managed to watch bits of these two matches and both were a very close with no-one getting the upper hand.  It wasnt until the later holes that things moved.

It took a fine iron shot from the heather for Bella on the 13th and to hole the putt to break the deadlock in that semi final. Bella went on to win the next 2 holes and secure the win on the 16th.

In Laura and Vicky’s match there was nothing in it and were all square going down the 17th. It took a 12ft putt by Vicky to win the hole to go one up. The 18th on the red course is an uphill par 3. Unfortunately, Vicky went right and her chip left a long putt which she missed. This gave Laura the opening to square the match. Down the 19th they went, and for Laura to got the upper edge and make the final.

The Final

finalists - Bella and Laura

The match started at 1pm on the Blue course and featured Laura and Bella. It was quite different match from the morning semi’s as it saw Bella fire her irons into the green which Laura couldn’t quite match.  Bella went 2 up after 3 holes and didn’t relinquish the lead. It was a better afternoon weather wise which was appreciated by the small group of spectators following the matches.

Bella closed out the match on 15th to win the Championships for the second year running. Prize giving then followed.

Prize giving

It fell to me to present the prizes to the semi finalists, runner up and finalist.

 Champion – Bella Kent

Champion 2023 - Bella Kent
Runner up - Laura Webb

Runner Up
Laura Webb

Semi Finalist - Emma Newlove

Semi Finalist
Emma Newlove

Semi finalist Vicky Prietzel

Semi Finalist
Vicky Prietzel

Bella also won her County Colours last year so I was able to present them to her this time. Well done Bella

Finally I would like to thank The Berkshire Golf Club for being a fabulous host for past 3 days and we thank them for being so accommodating and helpful.

Charlie Keenan
County Captain


Sunday Matches

Semi- FinalRed CourseFinalBlue CourseChampion
Vicky Prietzel
Laura Webb19th
Laura Webb
13:00pmBella Kent 5&4
Bella Kent
Emma Newlove
8:08 am
Bella Kent3&2

Saturday Matches

Q 16 Quarter Final
8.00amVicky Prietzel6&5
Sarah jane DalgleishVicky Prietzel4&3
8.08amMaddy BeechingEmily Savage
Emily Savage5&3
8.16amLaura Webb3&2
Amy Nemeth- YuileLaura Webb1up
8.24amTracy CrewChloe Walkington
Chloe Walkington4&3
8.32amEmma Newlove6&4
Jane SlyEmma Newlove8&7
8.40am Holly LundLinda Hunt
Linda Hunt19th
8.48amKatherine Irving
Lottie Cadle4&3Lottie Cadle
8.56amAnne SmithBella Kent8&7
Bella Kent8&7