Held at Sonning Golf Club

on 4th May 2022


On 4th May the Society held its Spring Meeting at Sonning GC.  The Covid restrictions were behind us and we were able to welcome 75 ladies for the day. When arranging the event during Covid we had no idea if the meeting would be well attended. We were delighted to host an event just like ‘the good old days’ pre Covid and lockdowns.

Sonning GC’s hospitality was superb, the two-course lunch in the dining room was apparently delicious. The dining tables each had a floral centrepiece courtesy of Ann Maisey. The prize table heaved with trophies, flowers and chocolates. Babs Shanks, our 2021 Captain did prepare a lot of the potted plants and I realised too late in the afternoon that I had overlooked thanking Babs for her contributions. I had to grovel the next day with my thanks.

The weather was a bit on the chilly side but this did not deter the players who produced some fantastic scores. I didn’t have a chance to walk any of the course but I am told that it was in good condition.

The Meeting was a great success, in part because the promised rain held off until later in the afternoon but mainly because the organisers did a tremendous job and because everyone just wanted to have a great day out.                                               

The trophy winners were                                                          

Division 1             HCP        Glenn Rose Bowl              Jacqui Quilter (Sand Martins)

Division 2             HCP        Longden Salver                 Patricia Holzherr (Reading)


Division 1                             Scratch Salver                    Michelle James (Sonning)

Division 2                             Scratch Salver                    Barbara Shanks (Sonning)


The other prize winners were

Division 1. 2nd Jo Holden, 3rd Eileen Clarke, 4th Pat Jenkins, Front 9 Debbie Goodsell, Back 9 Jules Tarr, NP Jane Stephen

Division 2. 2nd Linda Harris, 3rd Ann Clutton, 4th Anita Lockyer, Front 9 Irene Manson, Back 9 Jackie Cawood, NP Liz Melzer

Winners ICS 2022 Maidenhead

Margaret Edwards, Mary Lush and Glenn Rose Bowl winner Jacqui Quilter

2nd Place ICS 2022 - Sand Martins

Margaret, Mary  and Longden Salver winner  Pat Holzherr

3rd Place ICS 2022 - Newbury

Margaret, Mary and scratch salver winner Div 1 Michelle James        

Winner Individual ICS 2022 Eileen Clarke

   Margaret, Mary and scratch salver  winner Div 2 Babs  Shanks