Wednesday 2nd August was probably one of the wettest days of the year!  I have great admiration for the groups who played all 18 holes even though the bunkers had puddles, the fairways were sodden and the some of the greens had casual water. Given the amount of rain we had I think the course held up remarkably well.

We soon forgot our woes when went into the Club House at Winter Hill and saw the amazing Cold Buffet. Things continued to get better when most ladies had “seconds” and things got even better when doggy bags appeared. The catering staff were extremely helpful, relaxed and friendly.

There was a great atmosphere in the Clubhouse and I think everyone enjoyed the day despite the weather. Many thanks to “my team” and to Barbara Langdale, the Vets Captain and her team for staying cheerful and being very complimentary about the course and the food.

Result:-  BLCGS won 5 –  3


Carole Smith, Fran Freeland, Sarah Fowler, Lorraine Burt, Ann Pennell, Jeannette Dawe, Sonya Singh, Mary Harwood, Babs Collier, Mary Lush, Ruth Perkins, Maureen Rogers, Carol Taylor, Gill Biddle, Judy Jones, Gill O’Donnell

Carole Smith, BLCGS Captain

Winter Hill match buffet

                                                        The match buffet!