Match reports for our first 3 matches in 2023:-

Our first match this season took place against Hampshire on the 25th May at Hennerton. The weather was warm and sunny and everyone had a good time.  Even the result was friendly, with the match ending in a draw!  What a great way to start the season.

Our second match this year took place against Wiltshire on the 12th June at Broom Manor GC, near Swindon.   The day was extremely hot, and the two non-playing captains took on the task of going around the course on a buggy, dispensing cold drinks!  Despite the heat, the day was most enjoyable, ending with a lovely tea with friendly ladies. Even a score of 5-2 against us didn’t spoil the day!

Our third match was held at Hennerton against Oxfordshire on the 13th July.  The weather wasn’t very kind to us but the game was played in a friendly spirit.  We’ve always have difficulty when playing against Oxfordshire as their qualifying age is 50 (as opposed to 60 for Berkshire), and that ten years seems to show!   Nevertheless, we put up a really good fight and only lost the match 4-3!

Well done ladies!

Barbara Langdale, Captain