Held at Royal Ascot Golf Club

Wednesday 21st September 2022

Royal Ascot GC 18th

Wednesday was a wonderfully warm Autumnal day and the welcome extended by everyone at Royal Ascot was exemplary! Steve Nicholson and Gemma Pateman ensured everything we needed for the day was organised without issue. And when there were issues with the wifi, Irene stepped in to save the day! Michael, Dante and Ellie were absolutely faultless providing a level of service which was beyond our expectations. Royal Ascot’s Lady’s Captain Jane Stephen very kindly arranged for Denise Cutler to be the Starter who did her duty with a field from nine Clubs from around our wonderful county. But now for the all-important results:

1st Division – Nett results

Winner of the Coronation Medal – with nett 68, Donna Hunt from East Berkshire Golf Club

Winner Coronation Medal - Donna Hunt

1st Place for prizes: with a nett 69 was Sarla Read from Sonning Golf Course

1st Nett Prize Sarla Reed

2nd Place for prizes: with  a nett 70 (on count back from Julie Sheppard, Royal Ascot, Julie Myall, Newbury & Crookham, and Jackie Taylor, Royal Ascot) was Charlotte Munk from Royal Ascot

2nd Nett - Charlotte Munk

3rd Place for prizes: with a nett 70 (on count back as above) was Jackie Taylor from Royal Ascot

3rd Nett - Jackie Taylor

1st Division – Gross results

Winner of the Edna Simmons Bowl: with 75 strokes was Donna Hunt from East Berkshire Golf Club

Winner Gross - Donna Hunt

2nd Place: with 80 strokes was Pamela King from Easthampstead Ladies Golf Club

2nd Gross - Pamela King


3rd place: with 81 strokes (on count back from Jackie Taylor from Royal Ascot) was Jane Sly from Mill Ride Golf Club

3rd Gross - Jane Sly


Aggregate winners from the 2022 Spring and Autumn Division 1 competitions:

Best aggregate nett score and winner of the Helen Brown Sauce Bost with 146 strokes was Jackie Taylor from Royal Ascot.

Best Aggregate Nett - Jackie Taylor


Best aggregate Gross score and winner of the Joyce Cave Trophy with 164 strokes was Linda Hunt from Newbury & Crookham Golf Club

Best Aggregate Gross - Linda Hunt


Results Table:

Name Gross Nett
Jackie Taylor 81 70
Sarla Read 88 69
Julie Sheppard 83 70
Charlotte Munk 85 70
Angela Kokaram 88 78
Irene Gregory 95 78
Jane Stephen 91 79
Linda Hunt 85 81
Julie Myall 83 70
Jo Grieve 91 77
Sue Gutierrez 89 77
Lucy Dunn-Sims 94 84
Sue Fagan 82 71
Gabi Heuchal 82 75
Charlie Keenan 89 81
Cathy Jones 91 80
Pamela King 80 73
Katherine Irving 87 80
Hilary Rusby 95 76
Margaret Berrimen 85 74
Jane Sly 81 76
Fran Campbell 91 75
Nikki Ochtman 89 72
Donna Hunt 75 68

And finally, this brings to a close the Division 1 competitions for the 2022 season! So please let me the first to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful New Year, and I look forward to seeing you at our County Competitions in 2023.