2nd team vs Berks

On what has to have been the hottest day of the year so far, the team gathered at Harewood Downs for a second team match against Buckinghamshire.

We had a great start with a 2-1 advantage after the morning foursomes, and hit the course again at 1pm, the heat was incredible. Six keenly fought single games followed. The Bucks team had fresh legs for a few of their games in the afternoon but our girls are hardy campaigners and played 36 holes in very hot conditions.

Jane Bracknebury fought hard for a well-deserved half, Debbie Ranwell , Chloe Walkington & Vicky Preitzel had good wins.

Overall a great result, in incredibly difficult conditions, well done team a great win. 

Harewood Downs, should be re-named Harewood ‘Up & Downs’ – an extremely hilly course.



AM Foursomes

  1. Jane Brackenbury/Chloe Walkington v Jenna Campbell-Byrne/Sue Holdship – Won 4&3
  2. Donna Hunt/Claire Randall v Katie Reid/Kadda Mohamed – lost 4&3
  3. Debbie Ranwell/Vicky Prietzel  v Catherine Smith/Lynn Fitzpatrick – won 4&3

PM Singles

  1. Jane Brackenbury v Katie Reid    – Match Halved
  2. Claire Randall v Sue Holdship     – Lost 7&6
  3. Donna Hunt  v Powatti Simper – Lost 6&5
  4. Debbie Ranwell v Lynn Fitzpatrick   – Won 2up
  5. Chloe Walkington v Kadda Mohamed  –  Won 3&2
  6. Vicky Prietzel  v Nicole Davis – Won 6&4

Final match score:

Berks won 5.5 / 3.5